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First & Many More

This past weekend I participated in my first artist showing in Philadelphia PA as part of the Celebration of Black Joy- Black Arts Festival through the African Diaspora Collective of UArts.

As an emerging artist over the past year I fell in love with watching people. I also found so much joy in creating the beauty that I see in my race, and culture in my art pieces.

Well... after this show I found a new love. The love, and joy of watching people as they take in what I created. It was a joy to talk with people, and know that they got what I was trying to convey in my pieces. It has fueled me to want to create more. Thank you to all who came out and showed this Pittsburgh Artist so much love. To all the admirers of my work, I am excited and inspired. Keep an eye out for all that is to come. The "World Melantation" sculpture pieces are up next. As I retreat back to my studio, I promise in this collection to celebrate and represent the beautiful spectrum of our melanated hues.

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