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Introducing Me, My life imitating art

So, I've been on a journey of finding me, and in finding me an artist was born. A sculptor who has a story to tell in every piece. I see beauty in my people and just want to share the pride, and beauty I see in who we are and our stories. I figured that in addition to creating my pieces it would be fun to share the stories in my mind that brought the pieces into existence. So after learning Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Hashtaging 101, Lighting, Posing, sharing somethings but not too much, Website set up, ect , ect ,ect her I am. My first piece will be for sale tomorrow and she is a beauty. She is titled F*CK CANCER and she is for all my sisters who have been touched by this disease. My jewelry mimics the jewelry in the piece and when I tell you I put every bit of me in this piece. I truly did... so this is me, my new piece coming for sale soon, and my new blog. Stay tuned...

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