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About Dominique Scaife

I am a self taught polymer clay figurative artist born, raised , and working in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

I can’t recall exactly what made me go and purchase clay, but I knew I had to do it.

I had no formal training but just had to touch, had to form, and create.

I hadn't  any African American sculptural art around me but knew that is what I had to create. So I practiced, and studied what I could find. Peace came, my creativity evolved, my confidence evolved. I knew without a doubt I found my purpose, my something to leave here on this earth.

The passion to take clay, form it in my hands and tell the stories in my mind, was the beginning of a release for me. The stories in my mind of beauty that go along with the pieces are a visual show. The coming to life of these pieces my gift.

Artist Statement

I have a story to tell of the beauty I see. Of a beautiful people that are my lineage. The intent of my art is to capture the vastness of who we are as a people, our culture, our style, our essence and share that beauty with the world. In every sculpt it is my hope that you see the beauty of our being, a symbolism of who I am, and what I stand for. Maybe you recognize yourself, or someone you know. My inspiration derives from the many images that mirror beautiful people I’ve seen, the stories shared, and an appreciation for my heritage, my African American heritage.

In all of my beginning works, and as I continue to evolve you will see a vast array of skin tones and different ways of showcasing sculptural pieces. Watching the faces, hairstyles, expressions, and story form in my hands is true joy. It is my gift, and purpose from my creator. In each piece I try to convey a mix of realism and whimsy. I am primarily a polymer clay figurative sculptural artist, but will continue to evolve and explore multiple ways to express the human-ness of my pieces.

Art for me is true expression. Sculpture allows me to articulate a message of the story in my heart and soul. It is my greatest hope that the visual outcome allows the reception of emotion, a kinship, a memory, a conversation, an awakening.


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